I design software, 

build brands,

systematize solutions

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Nick Ocampo

I'm a double agent! I'm a citizen of both the United States and Bolivia. I grew up in Bolivia but now reside in Seattle, Washington. I majored in Journalism and Strategic Communication and minored in Information Systems at the University of Nevada, Reno. 

I have over 7 years of experience working as a designer and front end web developer. My work experience and aptitude cover a variety of roles in the technology space that include user experience design, front end web development, graphic design, database administration and project management—although my main focus is in user experience and interface design.

Designing for tech often requires both practical design skills and a deep understanding of modern development technologies and programming. I don’t believe design decisions should end when the initial mockups are delivered, and by being actively involved in the implementation of my designs, I ensure that pragmatic and iterative design decisions are followed through until the delivery of the end product.

I balance my day-to-day work with other creative projects like music writing and production in my home studio and helping friends by lending a hand designing logos and marketing assets for their emerging businesses.

I approach every task with a great focus on empathy for both my clients and my end users. My work over the years reflects a passion for technology, pragmatic solutions and attention to detail. Although my main area of focus is in design and development, I'm always centered in the tenants that I learned while studying journalism in college: Effective communication comes from understanding your audience and being able to tell a story that resonates with them.

The software I design is empathetic to the user's real needs. Functionality is available when it's needed and gets out of the way when it's not.

"It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove."
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry